Anyday Wellness

Prioritize your well-being.

A virtual walk-in clinic at your fingertips. On-demand, 24/7 access to mental health support, virtual health care, saving & budgeting tools, and wellness resources — finally a health benefit that fits your busy schedule!

Phone with AnyDay app showing AnyDay wellness
Phone with AnyDay app showing AnyDay wellness
wellness benefits

Mental health support 💖

When life serves up a plate of stress, we've got your back. Through our partnership with telemedicine provider, CloudMD, AnyDay Wellness connects you with social workers and expert guidance to help you navigate tough situations.

With AnyDay Wellness, you'll get 24/7 access to confidential short-term counselling sessions to support them through personal issues such as financial struggles, legal concerns, relationship challenges and more.

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Wellness benefits

Virtual health care 🩺

Whether you're feeling under the weather or need expert medical advice, AnyDay Wellness gives you the benefit of on-demand access to the care you deserve, whenever and wherever you need it. No family doctor? No problem.

AnyDay Wellness connects members with nurse practitioners and other medical professionals instantly for online consultations, diagnoses, prescriptions, lab requisitions, and even specialist referrals. You no longer has to waste precious time sitting in waiting rooms or rearranging busy schedules.

Phone screen showing AnyDay wellness app and virtual call with nurse
Wellness benefits

AnyDay Goals 🚀

Whether saving for a vacation or a rainy day, creating a goal is the first step towards financial wellness.

AnyDay Wellness comes with our Goals Budget & Save feature. You can turn on auto-save and set custom contribution amounts. You can also create as many eSavings goals (virtual piggybanks) as you want. It's like saving on auto-pilot!

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I like how it automatically splits your money up for you, across multiple goals and takes all the thought out of managing your money.

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Wellness resources

Virtual library of expert health & wellness insights.

Through our partnership with CloudMD, you will gain access to wellness resources from over 75 trusted health associations. The library covers a wide variety of health topics, conditions and treatments. From tips on how to manage pesky colds or information on a chronic condition, discover reliable insights on symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment options.

No more fear-inducing googling and guesswork. Get trustworthy resources, right at you fingertips.

Health coverage provided by

AnyDay Wellness health coverage is managed through Kii by CloudMD, an industry-leading health and wellbeing solution, supporting members and their families with a personalized, connected and virtual health care experience across mental and physical health. Through our partnership, AnyDay will offers this service as an operator employee benefit at very competitive rates.


Got questions?

What's included with a AnyDay Wellness subscription?
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AnyDay Wellness includes access to mental health support, virtual health care, wellness resources via the Kii library and AnyDay Goals savings and budgeting tool.

If I need help signing up individually for AnyDay Wellness, what can I do?
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If you want to sign up on their own and need help, they can connect with our support team by emailing

If I need help accessing the health care and mental health services within the Kii platform, where do I go?
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If you need help accessing services within the Kii platform, please connect with CloudMD directly by going here

How long do I have to wait to request health services?
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A real-life person (Kii doesn’t use bots!) will answer the phone within minutes and the person answering is actually a highly skilled nurse. You will answer a few questions and then be directed directly to the service best suited to support them.

Is AnyDay Wellness confidential?
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All access to health-related services are kept strictly confidential within the limits of the law. This means we will not disclose any information about who is accessing AnyDay Wellness.

How can I be sure this will be right for me?
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We partnered with CloudMD, who have highly trained professionals in delivering care with sensitivity to differences in spiritual, cultural, race, language, disabilities, gender, and sexual orientation.

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