stay updated - september 26th, 2023

Notice of Account Closing, New Account and Card Migration

Big things are happening on our platform.

To our valued Today account holder,

Our records indicate you have a Today Financial USA account issued by The Bancorp Bank, N.A.; on behalf of XTM Inc.. This is a prepaid card and therefore is not reportable to any credit reporting agency. This is not an attempt to collect a debt.

As XTM Inc continues to invest in ongoing enhancements of their platform, the time has come to transition to a new banking partner. This transition will ensure your benefit from further enhancements to XTM’s platform speed, security and efficiency.

This notice contains important, time-sensitive information.

1. Effective September 26, 2023, your employer will no longer be able to reload your current Card. This means that any recurring load activity, such as direct deposit of your pay will no longer be available on this card. XTM Inc. has contacted your employer and has made arrangements to stop loads from posting to your account before September 26, 2023. Deposits of any future loads will be made to a new reloadable card, which will be under a new brand, AnyDay, formerly known as Today. Please note that there will be no action required by you on your Today Financial USA app and your app will continue to work as normal.

2. Effective October 26, 2023, all services in connection with your Today Card program will be discontinued. Your account will close on October 26, 2023 or
on your Card’s expiration date, whichever comes first.  This means that on the effective close date that applies to you, your Card will no longer be usable.

If you do not wish to spend or transfer the funds remaining in the account prior to the effective date that applies to you, any available balance remaining in the account after the effective date will be refunded to you by check. The check will be mailed to you at the address appearing within your Today Financial USA App within forty five (45) days of October 26, 2023. Please ensure that you update your mailing address within your Today Financial App in order to mail your refund to you by check. Per the Cardholder Agreement, we reserve the right to not refund any unused balance of less than $1.00.

The available balance remaining in the account is subject to adjustment based on refunds and/orthe outcome of dispute claims. If a claim is submitted and/or resolved in your favor after November 27, 2023 and a check for the available balance was already sent to you, a separate check representing the value of the favorably resolved claim will be mailed to you.

Thank you very much for using your Card. We regret any inconvenience you may experience.  If you have questions about this email, or need information related to your Card after October 26, 2023, please email For any other inquiries, please call the telephone number printed on the back of your Card. Customer Service will be available to assist you with any questions or concerns until February 23, 2024.

Today Financial USA


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What does AnyDay™ do?
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AnyDay™ is an all-encompassing payment tech stack. Plain and simple. We seamlessly weave together instant access to earned wages, digital earnings, and gratuities payouts with a suite of financial, physical, and mental wellness tools. The money is directly deposited into your team's mobile wallet in the app, and they can spend their funds immediately using the card. Eliminate financial stress and immerse into holistic wellness, while employers revel in enhanced operational efficiency, saving thousands monthly. 🙌

How will it benefit my bottom line?
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When was the last time you looked for cost savings on your P&L? Did you notice the labour and expenses being spent on cash due-backs? If not, let's think about that for a moment. Leaving the business to pick up cash, counting it, dividing it, stuffing it in envelopes, coming on and off the floor to distribute it to the staff... It's all costing you. Hospitality businesses who make the switch are seeing thousands of dollars in savings on labour costs and supplies related to cash payouts.

How will it benefit my financial health as an employee?
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Cashflow management isn’t just for businesses, everyone could use a little help. AnyDay™ gives staff faster access to the money they’ve earned so they can cover any expense that comes their way.

Is my money secure with AnyDay™?
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Yes. Your money is held in trust. We use bank-level security to encrypt and secure all of your personal information.

Sounds great, what’s the catch?
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We want to put money in your staff's pocket whenever, wherever they need it. That's why there are no fees accrued to spend their money using the AnyDay™ Financial app or AnyDay™ card (just like cash!). And if they need to cash out IRL, they can stop at one of our network ATMs for free. There's only a small fee if they need to transfer to an external account.