Card Security

We're here to keep your money safe.

We want you to manage your money with confidence, which is why security is our number one priority. We continuously work to deploy new security measures to help keep you protected. Check the measures below on how your money is protected.

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Top-notch security measures to keep everything protected

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Card lock

Lock your wallet in one tap👆

If you suspect unauthorized transactions, you can immediately lock your card in the app by going to the card tab. Locking your card will disable all transactions within your AnyDay account and you can unlock your cards whenever you like.


Assess potential unauthorized or suspicious activity 🔍

Card Lock Security is an enhanced security measure that analyzes patterns and preemptively locks a member's card to prevent fraud. Now, this measure can be easily accessed in your AnyDay Financial app. If your card is in "locked" status, go into your app and follow up the prompts to verify your latest transaction(s). Once you verify the transaction(s), you can unlock your card, directly in the app.

Mastercard zero liability

Mastercard Purchase Protection Plan 🔒

Zero liability applies to any purchase made in-store, over the phone, online or via a mobile device and ATM transactions. Have peace of mind knowing you won't be on the hook for unauthorized use.

Account security

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA is the industry standard for maintaining secure and authorized access to your account. We mandate 2FA for all our users.

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Receive login verification codes via SMS or e-mail

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Peace of mind knowing your account is safe

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Account access is denied even if your password is compromised

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Security FAQ

What happens when you experience unauthorized activity?
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If you identify suspicious activity, lock your card immediately. Then, click on the transaction, then click "Report an issue". You'll be prompted to provide a few more details, and the issue will be escalated to our Support team. Our Support team responds within 48 hours generally, and will guide you through next steps. The Support Team will also facilitate getting a new card.

If funds were taken without authorization from a merchant, the best first step is to contact the merchant and ask for a refund. They can process refunds faster than it takes to investigate and dispute transactions. If the merchant isn't able to provide a refund of the funds, we can begin the dispute transaction process.

What is the dispute transaction process?
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We have recently updated the Dispute Transaction Process to make it easier and faster to report any unauthorized transaction(s). To dispute a transaction, go into your AnyDay app and select the transaction you wish to dispute. From there, select “Report an issue” and follow the prompts to complete the dispute. Our team will reach out within 48 hours with next steps to recover the funds.

Why is this safer than cash?
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If funds are stolen on your card due to fraud, you are protected and funds will be reclaimed. Mastercard's Zero Liability protection gives you peace of mind in the event that funds are stolen from your card. Please note that the above applies to unauthorized purchases and does not apply to fraudulent transfer due to phishing, vishing or other types of fraud that involve a cardholder divulging sensitive information. See below for more on phishing.

Report phishing attempts
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What Is Phone phishing or Vishing? Vishing—or voice phishing—is the use of fraudulent phone calls to trick people into giving money or revealing personal information. It's a new name for an old problem—telephone scams. Vishing frequently involves a criminal pretending to represent a trusted company representative. You may be asked to divulge your password or 2-factor authentication (2FA) verification code.

Learn to Catch a VishScammers or "vishers" often offer exaggerated services. They then ask for your personal information to get you access to your wallet. Watch out this on other examples of prominent Vishing scams:

- Offers from companies you do not do business with and/or have not heard of.
- An announcement that you have won a prize in a contest you did not enter.
- Promises of unrealistic returns for your money.
- Threats of consequences—such as fines or penalties—if you don't provide money or information.
- Unprofessional, hostile, or even obscene language.
- Unsolicited calls offering to help you with debt, unpaid taxes, or previous cases of fraud.
- Pressure to make immediate decisions to give the caller what they want, which may include:
- Money
- Financial account information
- Personal information
- Organizational information, including names and contact information of coworkers at the university

Protect Yourself from Voice Phishing
If a caller claims to be from TipsToday, Today, AnyDay, XTM or another institution you do business with, such as your bank, and they ask for personal information (account numbers, Social Security numbers, and so on), hang up, find that institution's phone number, and call them. If the call you received was fraud, report it!

Report it by contacting us:

Do not pay fees for prizes or rewards offered by phone.

The CRA will never ask you for debit or credit card numbers by phone or demand immediate payments using specific methods, such as prepaid gift cards, debit cards, or wire transfers. Do not send money or give out personal information (such as credit card numbers and expiration dates, bank account numbers, dates of birth, or Social Security numbers) in response to unsolicited phone calls from unfamiliar companies or unknown persons. Don't trust caller ID. Phone numbers and caller identities can be faked. There have been reports of forged phone numbers from government offices, and other businesses and institutions.

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