Ontario’s Bill 149 Working for Workers Four Act and AnyDay’s Upgraded Payments Solution

Has this upgraded solution been vetted by an employment lawyer?
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Since the bill has come to light, we have been working with both in-house counsel and outside employment lawyers to develop enhancements that help you be compliant with Bill 149. Our upcoming changes are reflective of their stance on the upcoming compliance standards.

Are there any additional recommendations from your compliance and legal counsel?
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Yes, in speaking with some of our leading restaurant chains, they have disclosed that they are offering their employees an additional option of payment in the form of biweekly paycheques. We have vetted this alternative by our compliance and legal teams and they agree that this would be a compliant alternative that provides even more choice for employees. In speaking with our restaurant chains that offer this, no employee has actually opted in for this alternative, as they prefer the convenience and flexibility of instant payments via the AnyDay solution. 

How is this a choice for employees?
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The employee now has a free option to deposit their earnings to a bank account of their choice, which is the main criteria outlined in Bill 149, in subsection 3.

Do I as the employer need to take any action for the new bill
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No. Nothing changes for you as the employer. However, we have made a significant upgrade to the employee experience to help you comply with Bill 149. At this time, this change does not affect your operations. As we continue to monitor the implications of this upgrade, we will make every effort to be transparent about any required changes. 

Why two free EFTs per month?
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Our objective is to release a compliant solution that is fair to the employees, cost neutral for operators and cost effective for our business. In working with our compliance and legal teams, it was determined that twice per month is equitable for employees because it mirrors the frequency of a standard biweekly pay cycle; similar to payroll. 

How do EFTs work? Is it business days only?
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EFTs act similarly to e-Transfers in that they are directly deposited into an employee's bank account of choice. However, unlike e-Transfers, they are not instant and may take up to 7 days.

Why free EFTs and not free e-Transfers?
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Real-time digital payments is an evolving industry that comes at a material cost to our business. Since the announcement of the new bill, we have made attempts to model out free e-Transfers. However, this is not a viable option for our business at this time. We are doing everything we can to create a solution that ticks off all boxes of:

  • Compliance
  • Maintaining a low-cost model for employers
  • Maintaining a convenient, instant, low-cost model for employees that now includes more flexibility and choice at no cost

EFTs give us the opportunity to offer this at no cost to both you and your employees at this time. Additionally there are higher limits for how much employees can transfer to their bank account of choice versus e-Transfers.

Is this available to all members across Canada?
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No. The free EFTs are only available to employees in Ontario in response to the Ontario Bill 149 Legislation. 

Do employees need to enter their banking details every time they choose the EFT option?
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No. The employees’ account details will be saved in their mobile app, but will not be visible to us. They will not have to enter their account details each time. 

Can employees still make e-Transfers when they want?
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Yes. There is no change to the ability for employees to e-Transfer to their bank account at $1.50 per e-Transfer.

Is the AnyDay card a credit card?
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No, the AnyDay card is not a credit card. The AnyDay card is classified as a Mastercard® debit card. Millions of workers across North America receive earnings from wages and tips onto this type of debit card. 

How will this be communicated to my employees?
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On Thursday, June 20th, we will send an additional communication to all Ontario clients, reminding them of the upcoming changes and providing additional resources in our Resource Hub that clients can use to communicate to their employees, if they would like to.

On Friday, June 21st, employees will be notified via in-app that they now have additional options for depositing their pay by EFT.

Are there any other changes that will come into effect on June 21st, 2024?
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Yes, we will be removing the Dispute Transaction feature (aka the claw-back funds functionality) to comply with the new bill. 

And please remember, we’re here for you. We are your partner in payments and will continue to work hard to support your business. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our team directly at

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