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Get your hands on the free app that makes sure you never wait for your money again. Get your pay, AnyDay.

Millions of workers in the U.K. receive their pay via Earned Wage Access


Empower Your Financial Future

Access expert financial education tools and resources about saving, investing & more. Select from a variety of playlists or create your own. Lessons include:

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Building Financial Capability

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Investing in Your Future

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Financial Foundations

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And many more valuable resources on personal finance

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What our employees have to say

Become a member of a growing community of financially empowered employees around the world.
"Love this app and benefit! This has helped out tremendously as I can actually keep my finances in check. Along with keeping my bank account in the positive!"
AnyDay User
"I think this a wonderful new option for employees! Life happens and having this will improve the quality of life for employees when they have an accident or incident."
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Got questions?

What does AnyDay do?
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AnyDay was designed to give you instant access to your hard-earned pay. Plain and simple. Your employer can turn on Earned Wage Access as a benefit to you. Your money is available for you to send instantly to your chosen bank account(s). No more waiting for your money 🙌

How will it benefit my financial health?
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Cashflow management isn’t just for businesses, everyone could use a little help. AnyDay gives you faster access the money you’ve earned so you can cover any expense that comes your way.

Is my money secure with AnyDay?
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Yes. We use bank-level security to encrypt and secure all of your personal information.

Sounds great, what’s the catch?
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There’s no catch. We want to give you access to your hard-earned money at the end of your shift or workday. That’s why your your money is available for you to send instantly to your chosen bank account(s). No more waiting for your money 🙌