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CRA Compliance is no loafin' matter 🍞.
Access our CRA Compliance Guide to make sure your business is set for success!

This guide is your go-to for effective tip compliance. With insights on tip systems and best practices, AnyDay aligns your business with CRA standards, ensuring transparency and accuracy.

Access our CRA Compliance Guide to learn:
4 key reasons restaurants should protect their business and ensure tip compliance
💰 How to determine if your restaurant operates in a “Controlled” or “Direct” tip system
👏 5 Best Practices for Creating a compliant direct tip system for your restaurant

Angel Shot Poster Hanging On Green Wall
Let your guests know you care. Use this resource in your restaurants to ensure everyone feels safe.

What is the Angel Shot Program & poster?
The Angel Shot is not actually a shot or a specific cocktail, but instead a code that signals to a bartender or restaurant staff that a guest is feeling unsafe.

How do I use the Angel Shot poster?
Print it out & tape it in your customer-facing bathrooms.
- Set-up a team training & share resources. Don’t worry, we’ve also included a quick, downloadable training guide that you can share with your employees!
- Once your team is aware of the Angel Shot program, not only can you have peace of mind that your patrons will feel safe at your establishment, but you will also receive a great deal of appreciation by your guests - who will feel grateful for this level of thoughtfulness and care.

3 part digital solution for cashless pay

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The app

Staff's direct deposits travel instantly into their mobile wallet via the app. They can keep track of their cash, send money, and access exclusive cash-back offers.

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The card

Staff can spend their money just like cash, only digital! Groceries, morning coffee, dining with friends... Basically, they won't leave home without it.

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The portal

The portal is an online platform for payout distribution and reporting. Payout your entire team in less than 5mins. No cash required!