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Recruit and Retain Your BOH Staff with AnyDay™ and Push Operations

Streamline payroll and boost staff retention in hospitality with our intregration partner, Push Operations.
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June 12, 2024

In the dynamic world of restaurant management, efficiency behind the scenes is as crucial as the service provided out front. The backbone of any restaurant, the back-of-house (BOH) staff—encompassing roles from kitchen managers to dishwashers—plays a pivotal role in the quality and speed of the service offered. Recognizing the importance of these team members and the challenges they face, we are excited to spotlight our integration with Push Operations, innovators in workforce management for the hospitality industry.

Understanding the Backbone of Your Restaurant

The BOH staff are the unsung heroes of the hospitality industry. They ensure that the culinary creations delight customers and meet high standards of quality and efficiency. Yet, their hard work often goes unnoticed, overshadowed by the immediacy of front-of-house activities.

The Significance of Earned Wage Access (EWA)

A key tool in recognizing and rewarding the hard work of BOH staff is Earned Wage Access (EWA). This feature enables employees to access part of their earned wages ahead of the regular payday, providing timely financial support. EWA helps employees manage unexpected expenses without relying on high-interest credit options, thereby offering them a significant degree of financial control and peace of mind.

Why Earned Wage Access Matters

EWA is more than just a payment innovation; it's a strategy for boosting employee engagement and retention. For hospitality workers, who often face financial unpredictability, having access to earned wages on demand can foster a sense of financial security and empowerment.

Integration Focus: AnyDay x Push Operations

Our integration with Push Operations brings a specific focus to the forefront: enhancing the management and distribution of tips through innovative payroll solutions. While our EWA solutions continue to support staff with flexible payment options, this collaboration primarily advances the functionality and efficiency of handling tips within the hospitality sector.


  • Improved Employee Retention: Quick access to earnings helps alleviate financial stress, boosting job satisfaction and employee loyalty.
  • Streamlined Payroll Processes: The integration of Push Operations’ advanced software minimizes administrative workload and payroll discrepancies, saving time and improving accuracy.
  • Enhanced Financial Wellness for Employees: Providing staff with immediate access to their earnings empowers them to manage their finances proactively, contributing to overall satisfaction and productivity.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: Efficient payroll management allows management to focus more resources on customer service and other critical areas of business development.

Push Operations, renowned for their expertise in workforce management, brings advanced technological solutions that complement AnyDay’s innovative payment methods. This synergy not only streamlines payroll processes but also provides a transparent and efficient system for managing and distributing tips. Understanding the intricacies of the hospitality industry has allowed Push Operations to tailor their tools to meet the specific needs of restaurants, ensuring that both employers and employees benefit from the enhanced processes.

Empowering Your Team with Financial Flexibility

At the heart of our service is a commitment to empower your team. By implementing EWA, you not only support your employees' financial health but also cultivate a culture of trust and appreciation. This approach is particularly impactful in the hospitality industry, where the well-being of your staff is directly linked to the success of your business.

We are dedicated to supporting the hospitality sector with solutions that address the complexities of restaurant management. Our integration with Push Operations provides a dual advantage—better financial wellness for employees and streamlined payroll operations for employers.


Q: How does Earned Wage Access improve employee retention?

A: By reducing financial stress and providing immediate access to earned wages, EWA helps employees feel more valued and financially secure, which enhances their job satisfaction and loyalty.

Q: What specific improvements does Push Operations bring to the integration partnership?

A: Push Operations specializes in streamlining payroll and workforce management systems, reducing administrative overhead, and improving accuracy and efficiency in payroll processing.

Q: Can other sectors benefit?

A: While designed for the hospitality industry, the principles and technologies of our integration can be adapted to benefit various sectors facing similar challenges.

Experience the Benefits

Discover how this integration can transform your payroll processes and boost employee satisfaction. Book a demo with us today and see the difference firsthand.

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