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Happy employees get paid AnyDay.

Nearly 90% of employees would stay with an employer who offered Earned Wages Access. That's why SAP has partnered with AnyDay to offer a fully integrated and turnkey Earned Wage Access (EWA) solution!

Make payday AnyDay for your people — EWA is a no-cost, retention boosting benefit proven to impact positive financial outcomes.

Download our white paper to learn about how this new employee benefit can improve retention, enhance employee productivity and more - all to help your business thrive ✨.

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The AnyDay™ solution is definitely a time-saver, it’s very easy to reconcile the cash now. With a click of the button, the money is sent to the team members and they’re able to see it on their phones with the text message, which makes it easy.

Crystal Yeoman

General Manager

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“There was so much room back then for human error and accounting issues. Having the pandemic happened, the transition to digital tip payouts is just a no-brainer. We need to move forward.”

Andrea Roberts

Senior Director of Operations

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Team members are the heart of our restaurant. This program has been one of the aspects that have really been able to help us retain the team. For them to be able to go home with the money they’ve earned that night, it’s such a benefit to them.

Amadeusz Domyslawsk

General Manager

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