Tip calculations and
distribution, simplified.

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Done right,
every time.

Get complete control over how tip pools are calculated and distributed, and make change to these rules at any time.

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Performance snapshot

See your net sales, gratuity and total tips earned.

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Rule breakdown

See all of your custom rules in action.

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Quick, Accurate and Transparent

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Distribute tips instantly

Pay your team after each shift for free with the AnyDay platform.

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Share the breakdown

Shareable links make it easy to send a breakdown of the tip share to your staff.

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Direct tip-outs

Set up direct tip-outs to create tip contributions between staff members.

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plug and play

Combine your custom tip rules with the data from your POS to automatically calculate tip distributions

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Automated sync

Automatically calculates tip distributions for you.

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Accurate down to the cent

Reduce errors and save time by eliminating cash.


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Tip Calculator compares

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basic tip pool features
Tip pool and tip share capabilities
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Multiple tip pools
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Custom tip pool rules
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advanced customization
Points and percentage based rules
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Multiple integrations for POS and time & attendance
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Real time analytics
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platform management
Transparency for staff by job code
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Resources and best practices for tip committees
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Multi-location capabilities
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Secure portal access with 2FA
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Instant push to paycard
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Ongoing customer support
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