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Simplify & Automate Your Tip Pool Distribution with Tip Calculator 

Enhance Your Tip Automation with New POS Integrations!
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April 25, 2024

We're thrilled to announce that AnyDay's Tip Calculator is now integrated with three additional leading restaurant POS systems: TouchBistro, Auphan, and Veloce. This expansion empowers businesses like yours to streamline tip management in real-time, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. 

Enhancing Your Tip Management Process

Our Tip Calculator feature is designed to simplify and automate tip distribution, seamlessly integrating with your POS system to provide a hassle-free experience. Here's how it benefits your operations:

⚙️ Customizable Settings: Set custom service times and tip pooling rules to automatically calculate tip distribution based on your preferences.

🕗 Real-time Sync: Enjoy real-time synchronization between your POS transactions and Time & Attendance data directly into your client portal, ensuring accurate reporting and payroll management.

🎯 Efficient Payouts: Built-in features enable seamless payouts to support staff, server assistants, and delivery partners, ensuring everyone gets their share promptly and accurately.

⚖️ Balance Tip Reconciliation: Our enhanced balance tip feature automatically reconciles cash tips, reducing manual reconciliation efforts.

No more manual data entry, frustrating spreadsheet errors, or reconciliation headaches! Managers can finally focus on running the restaurant and providing exceptional service, instead of spending needless hours in excel. AnyDay’s Tip Calculator is proven to help managers like you facilitate their tip shares and pools with precise ticket-level accuracy. In addition to POS integration, AnyDay's Tip Calculator seamlessly integrates with various Time & Attendance systems for comprehensive workforce management. This synergy ensures that your tip distribution aligns with accurate labor reporting, simplifying your operational workflows.

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Getting Started with AnyDay's Tip Calculator: A Step-by-Step Overview

AnyDay's Tip Calculator is  easy-to-use POS-integrated tip management software that makes tip sharing simple and transparent. Whether you're new to the platform or looking to optimize your tip management process, this overview will walk you through everything you need to know.


1️⃣ Subscription Setup: Navigate to "Tip Calculator" within the navigation bar on your dashboard. Click "Subscription" and connect your first wallet. Choose your subscription cycle and payment method, then confirm and pay.

2️⃣ Rules Setup: Customize your tip distribution rules to match your business needs. Choose your POS integration and grant access. Set up your service schedule and job codes for your team. Create rules for tip distribution based on contributors and receivers. Specify contribution percentages and service applicability. Our Tip Calculator  integrates with the following leading POS systems, leveraging advanced technology to optimize your tip management process:

Making a Payout:

1️⃣ Direct Tip-Out: Need to distribute tips to specific individuals? Select the rule you want to pull tips from and choose the recipient. Determine the tip-out method (percentage or fixed amount) and submit.

2️⃣Weekly Tip-Out: Set up rules for weekly payouts to your team members. Add a new service and select "Weekly" as the payout frequency. Assign job codes and set up rules for tip distribution.

Modifying Tips:

1️⃣ Square-Ups: Adjust tip amounts for individual team members. Navigate to "Square-Up" under the Tip Calculator section. Create a square-up for the desired team member and adjust the amount.

2️⃣ Balance Tips: Automatically adjust negative tip balances for team members. Click the pencil icon next to the payout breakdown. Select "Balance Tips" and choose the service to balance.

With AnyDay's Tip Calculator, managing tip distribution has never been easier. Have questions or need assistance? Reach out to our team - we're here to help!

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